Our Organization

Founded in April 1995, The Prince Edward Island Music Teachers’ Association (PEIRMTA) is provincial organization that provides leadership in music education across the province. Comprised of qualified music educators, the association promotes and supports high standards of teaching among its members. Our association has been a member of the Canadian Federation of Music Teachers’ Association (CFMTA) since July 1995.

Over its 25-year history, the PEIRMTA has worked to uphold the following goals:

  • to promote a professional level of teaching;
  • to promote progressive ideas on teaching;
  • to maintain high musical and academic qualifications among its teachers;
  • to offer workshops and lectures for continued education;
  • to encourage communication and the spirit of fellowship among members by means of social activities;
  • to provide additional opportunities for our students;
  • to contribute to our communities;
  • to partner with our national body, the Canadian Federation of Music Teachers’ Associations (CFMTA), in promoting excellence in music education across the country

The PEIRMTA undertakes a number of initiatives each year to support our teachers and students, including: workshops for teachers; master classes and workshops for students; the Young Musician’s Recital Series; Perform-a-thon; the Student Composer Competition; scholarships for students at local and provincial music festivals; and more.

Executive Council

Working Together: It is the hope of the association to provide opportunities for music teachers to hold workshops, organize student recitals, and work together as music educators, sharing our ideas and thoughts. This working together can inspire and motivate us, as teachers, to provide the best we can for our students.

Code of Ethics

This Code of Ethics is a statement of the general principles governing the professional behaviour and conduct of members of the Association in their relations with one another. It is to be applied in particular circumstances and cases as the conscience of the individual members shall dictate having due regard to any current usage or practice of the local Branch, to professional conduct or behaviour that is not, in good faith, consistent with such principles.

  • Music shall be taught with the object of improving its appreciation as an art form and enhancing the status of the profession in the community;
  • The art of music teaching shall be regarded as a continual process of self-education and improvement to develop professional excellence and to improve teaching ability and standards.
  • Fair and honourable business practices shall at all times be observed in dealings with pupils and other members of the Association;
  • Pupils shall be treated with consideration and patience;
  • No member of the Association shall misrepresent his/her own professional standing or advertise in a misleading manner;
  • Members shall themselves be punctual and shall inculcate punctuality in their pupils.
  • A member may claim a student as a pupil if that student has studied with the member for at least three months of continuous instruction;
  • A member shall not undertake to give instruction to a student who has formerly received instruction from another member of the Association unless, before doing so, he/she is satisfied that the other member is notified of the termination of his/her services and the student is not in arrears of his/her fees, or he/she has received the consent of the other member to give instruction to a student concurrently;
  • Lesson rates, accompaniment fees and contracts shall be left to the discretion of individual members. As professionals, members should be remunerated fairly for their services.