2022 PEIRMTA Student Composer Competition
Adjudicator: Dr. Andrew Zinc

CATEGORY A: 11 years and under
1st place: “The Puppy Dance” [Recommended to National finals] -Olivia Zhang
2nd place: “Dark Forest” - Brooke Adams
3rd place: “Swimming” - Greta MacDonald

CATEGORY B: 15 years and under
1st place: “Cloudy Friday” - Ben Nogler
2nd place: “Canoeing in Algonquin” - Harrison Tesselaar
3rd place: “Winter’s Coming” - Miriam E.Tamminga

CATEGORY C: 19 years and under
1st place: “Stowaway” - Lily-anne Hein

Congratulations to everyone!


From left to right – Miriam E.Tamminga, Lily-anne Hein, Olivia Zhang and Ben Nogler